Our Achievements

Our Achievements:

  • The National Ozone Unit in cooperation with Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC), Afghanistan Customs Department (ACD) and Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has developed the first ODS Regulation on Ozone-depleting substance in accordance with Article 4 of the Montreal Protocol. Fortunately, this law was approved on MAY 1st 2006 In 3 chapters and 18 articles.
  • Fully Phase out of CFCs gases in Afghanistan and banning its import on 2010
  • Awards for best country for implementation of Montreal Protocol in 2008, 2009, 2016 and 2017


  • Training of more than 800 custom officers
  • Training of more than 450 refrigerator and air conditioner technicians
  • Workshops for more than 200 enforcements authority’s officers
  • Distribution of 18 ODS identifier machines to the customs department
  • Training of 5 master trainer in refrigerator and air conditioner sector and 3 master trainers for the customs department
  • Quota distribution for ODS importer Companies
  • MOU with the Afghanistan Customs Department
  • Ozone day celebration
  • ODS Alternative Survey
  • And awareness programs such as customs books for customs officers, 10 question 10 answer about the ozone layer, Ozone stories for kids …