Consultation meeting – Herat 2019

The National Ozone Unit of NEPA in coordination with Herat Environmental Protection Directorate held a consultation meeting on 23rd June 2019.
This meeting was held with the presence of honorable Dr. Ghulam Dawood Hashemi, Deputy governor of Herat Province, Mr. Idrees Malyar, Deputy Director General- Policy and international affairs of #NEPA, Mr. Nasir Ahmad Fazli, Director of Environmental Protection Directorate of Herat Province and the representatives of governmental/non-governmental organizations.
The main objective of this meeting was to enhance the coordination and better cooperation between different governmental/non-governmental entities and other stakeholders with NEPA and the National Ozone Unit for better implementation of the Montreal Protocol and to raise awareness on Montreal Protocol, the Kigali amendments, the negative impacts of using ozone-depleting substances and to enforce the quota system for preventing the Illegal trade of Ozone Depleting Substances in the country.